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The pandemic has already brought significant change to the world of work and is likely to continue doing so. New business models are likely to emerge in response to the prolonged need for social distancing. Meanwhile, customer attitudes, priorities and expectations may also evolve – it’s likely that we won’t all do business or shop in the same way in the long term.

By thinking now about your team’s future skills requirements, you can plan ahead and be in a better position in the near future.

Whether you are looking to climb the career ladder at your current company, or are on the hunt for a new challenge, upskilling or reskilling may hold the key to success. Learning new skills throughout your professional life is now seen as essential to career progression and thankfully, there are lots of opportunities for upskilling either in an informal or formal setting.

Whether you are employed, working from home, or unemployed, looking for reskilling and retraining opportunities, simply scroll down and choose between more than 100 free courses you can apply for today!

Cork Training Centre has added more online free training courses.  Whether you are employed, working from home, or unemployed, simply scroll down and click on any link:

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