‘I began the Life Science Manufacturing Operations course in June of 2014. Having come from a completely different industry background, I was looking to make the transition to the Pharmaceutical Sector.

I found the course while intense to be highly informative and extremely rewarding. I was guided through the various modules by a wonderfully supportive and encouraging team of tutors. Through their guidance and patience I developed the necessary qualifications to pursue my career within the pharmaceutical industry.

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in the pharma industry, this course coupled with your own hard work and dedication is the one for you! I cannot recommend it enough.’

Currently working Pfizer , Grangecastle– June 15

Emma Pey

Life Sciences

“Having come from an IT background with no experience in Biopharma, this course was invaluable to me. It’s difficult to get experience in this industry, especially hands-on. The centre in Carrigaline has most of the equipment that you are likely to come across in a Biopharma setting, and there is plenty of time to get comfortable with it which is important.

I am now in permanent employment with a Biopharmaceutical start-up in Cork and I would not be in this position without this course, I highly recommend it!”

Currently working in Biomarin – June 15

Daniel Henderson

Life Sciences

‘I attended the life science manufacturing operations course in the Cetb centre Carrigaline. It was a very in-depth course which covered a wide verity of topics giving you a fantastic overview on how the pharmaceutical/bio pharmaceutical industry actually works. Some of the modules were hard but the teachers went out of their way to help and give you guidance.

The facility has the best of equipment which really prepares you for your work placement and gives you a huge head start when finding work afterwards. On my work placement I could see how highly my employer thought of our course. Because of our training they could integrate us into their company a lot quicker than most new hires.

Before I started the course I had no computer skills and now I can navigate most programs with ease. I also received help with writing my c.v and also skills on interview techniques and aptitude tests. Through this course I have gained full time work in the bio pharmaceutical sector, I have nothing but praise for the course, the teachers and the facility. I couldn’t have got to where I am now without their help and support. Thank you so much.’

currently working in Jannsen Biologics– Aug 15

Derek Bowles

Life Sciences

‘The course which started exactly 12 months ago today has given me a much sought after second chance at a career. I am truly grateful.’

Currently working with the HSE, National Director Social Care

Fiona Hennessy

Computer Applications

‘I found the courses I took in the Cork Training Centre to be an excellent way to retrain for a role in the tech sector. My tutors were enthusiastic about technology and offered well-prepared lectures which gave us thorough preparation for our Oracle certification exams. The facilities were good and the staff helpful. I feel that the courses equipped me with the skills needed to absorb a technical specification through practical work and reading documentation.’

Currently working at VMware


Mobile Technologies

‘I attended the “Mobile Technology with Android” course at Cork Training Centre, which was taught by Ed O’ Reilly. I have always had an interest in computers but had not considered IT as a career path. I was given comprehensive training in many different facets of the technical and industry aspects of computers, with an emphasis on projects to make sure the various modules were sinking in. I couldn’t have asked for a more conducive learning environment. I was always given help when I needed it and explanations when I didn’t quite get something. In this way, I feel confident starting down the path to being an IT professional. I would recommend a course in Cork Training Centre to anybody. I had a fantastic experience.’

Mobile Technologies

‘Cork Education Training Board gave me the opportunity to participate on their training programme during 2013 and 2014. Computer Programming courses I’ve absolved developed my knowledge of Java Runtime Environments and skills necessary for programming applications for Android operated devices. All in timely and understandable manner with individual approach.’

Mobile Technologies

‘As part of a career change strategy following the economic downturn, I seized the opportunity to undertake a course in Mobile Technologies at Cork Training Centre, where I gained an Industry-recognised qualification, and an understanding of Java and Android programming. This enabled me to find work experience at a local academic research centre, where I now help other people turn their ideas into reality. It couldn’t have worked out better.’

Mobile Technologies